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Jeremy of “Adept At SEO”

CEO, Senior SEO Expert & Senior Online Marketing Expert of “Adept At SEO”

Jeremy’s successfully experienced for over 14 years in Enterprise SEO, Marketing Strategies, Multimedia Design, Business Development and SMILING (ha-ha!).

Jon (left) Owner of Specialized Pest Patrol & Jeremy of “Adept At SEO” celebrating at Benihana after another successful year working together!


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With his years of experience, Jeremy developed his “ULTIMATE” business and marketing strategy to combine effective SEO & Online Marketing at unbelievable prices that works for businesses big and small (proof can be seen on our website under “SEO Case Studies“).


Like a skilled conductor to “adept” musicians, Jeremy leads talented experts to perform SEO & Online Marketing providing Clients with amazing results (such as high return-on-investment & record breaking revenue) in short time.

Jeremy and his SEO Mobile, Haha!

Jeremy has successfully increased online visibility, traffic and revenue to individuals, businesses and organizations since the year 2000.

Jeremy has a strong passion for achieving Client goals and providing superior customer service. Experience this yourself by becoming a client.

Adept At SEO


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SEO Checklist

We’ll go over:

  • Top 3 goals you want to achieve from your website within 12 months of working together
  • What monthly budget you’d like to start with ($300 minimum)
  • An Actionable SEO strategy of 3 key components to improve the amount of quality traffic and leads visiting your website through Google
  • Any questions or concerns you have

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  • We can provide a free evaluation of your website including Google Analytics (if you have it installed) and other methods to see how to improve your website
  • We’re located in California and work with clients in Canada and across the United States
  • You’ll speak to an SEO Strategist with a minimum of 14 years successful experience

We're Adept at SEO & Online Marketing, successfully helping businesses of all sizes "make a fortune without spending a fortune" through Google Search & other methods. Connect with us today.