AdeptAtSEO Pricing

Learn about our flat-rate pricing which brings cost-effective SEO & Online Marketing success.

We combine all our services into one flat cost-effective rate per campaign (campaigns last on average 30 days) to deliver results quickly (within 3-6 months you should see great movement toward your online goals) with no nickel-and-diming; all while adhering to Google Official Webmaster Guidelines. This helps AdeptAtSEO acquire high quality traffic and leads to your website, increasing your revenue from those who search Google looking for what you and your website provides. Once we achieve your initial online goals, we continue to help you remain above your competitors consistently.

Client Letter of Recommendation for AdeptAtSEO!

We price our services to deliver results quickly no matter your industry. Cloverlawn Butterflies wrote us a recommendation letter, which displays how happy they are working with us for over 6 years getting high-return-on-investment consistently!

Cloverlawn Butterflies is a Family owned Butterfly Release Company

Cloverlawn Butterflies, a family owned Butterfly Release Company


Cloverlawn Butterflies Recommendation Letter

Organic Traffic Increase of 518.65% Year-over-year!!!!

AdeptAtSEO dramatically increased Cloverlawn Butterflies ecommerce businesses organic rankings and traffic (518.65% increase year-over-year for 6 years from 2016 to 2022; we're still doing great in 2023!) of quality leads that generated substantial revenue. This is the benefit of AdeptAtSEO ranking business websites for their "revenue generating keywords" among other strategies.


Proof of Results

All In One Pricing Plan in Action!

A Client used our All In One Pricing Plan (paying the same flat-rate monthly) to get: a redeveloped Search Engine Optimized website from Wix to WordPress; SEO content, backlink acquisition, ranked Google First Page for targeted keywords and more as seen in the video below.

All In One Pricing Plans!

We tailor campaigns (campaigns last on average 30 days) around specific client budgets, in addition we share our two most effective campaign budgets which most of our clients use. These budgets allow us to cost-effectively perform what needs to be done to rapidly help and or continue to acquire online success on a consistent basis with high return-on-investment.

All In One Pricing

All In One Pricing

All In One Pricing

How Does All In One Pricing Work?

Summary: Instead of providing the same set of deliverables each month, we instead use your campaign budget cost-effectively to do what needs to be done at that point in time to materialize your online goals faster using our services.

Details: Instead of charging our clients one set price per campaign with the same set of deliverables each time its completed (such as providing "4 blog posts and 4 links per campaign"); we instead use your budget to cost-effectively perform what needs to be done at that point in time to help you rapidly acquire online success. That could be not only SEO and Online marketing, but web-development, graphic design and more.

Example: For the same flat price, during one campaign we may perform 90% On-page SEO plus 10% Off-page SEO along with Online Marketing and other services; In another campaign, we may focus more on building your backlink profile so we may do 90% Off-page SEO (high quality backlink acquisition) plus 10% On-page SEO along with Online Marketing and other services.

Benefits: This pricing and deliverables structure allows us to be fluid with our successful efforts for your website. We quickly adapt to what needs to be done at that point in time to consistently and quickly achieve your online goals utilizing our myriad of services while providing you consistent high return-on-investment!

All In One Pricing allows AdeptAtSEO to perform:

  • SEO (i.e. make your website visible on the first page of searches that are relevant to your online goals)
  • Internet Marketing (i.e. helps quality leads contact and or buy from your business through our online marketing strategies)
  • Design (i.e. create or redesign websites; create or update graphic designs; create marketing videos and more)
  • Development (i.e. create or redevelop websites; website maintenance such as upload updates, fix website problems, add code, increase functionality and more)

How to pay for an All In One Pricing Plan

AdeptAtSEO All In One Pricing Plans can be paid for online through payment gateway PayPal (no PayPal account needed) or mailed business check. More details below:

  • Costs are to be paid in advance for services
  • AdeptAtSEO accepts payment in the following forms: PayPal or credit card/debit payment through PayPal or mailed check (services to be provided after check clears). Client can be walked through the PayPal payment process to ensure the transaction is processed smoothly
  • Refunds are not given for All In One Pricing Plans. Once services are purchased, AdeptAtSEO will provide deliverables within campaign time-frame

What's the ETA of Google First Page?

The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) you can expect to be on or close to Google First Page for one or more targeted keywords is between 3-12 months depending on our recommended All In One Pricing Plan budget and your competitors efforts. Sacramento SEO Company AdeptAtSEO will increase your online visibility for multiple traffic and revenue generating search terms. The higher your All In One Pricing Plan budget is, the faster you get results as we cost-effectively use it to achieve your online goals.

We cannot guarantee ranking specific positions of your website on Google First Page according to Google Official Webmaster Guidelines for Search Engine Optimization. We can say here at AdeptAtSEO, that we have a great track record obtaining great results within specific time-frames based on your budget and competitors efforts. View some of our results for Clients in various industries on our SEO Case Studies page.

AdeptAtSEO Core SEO & Link Building Process

Learn our steps for bringing SEO & Online Marketing success (with examples!).

linkbuilding-website-analysisWebsite Analysis for SEO & Link Building

AdeptAtSEO analyzes a business websites internal and external attributes to evaluate if it has a solid foundation for our Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing.

Things AdeptAtSEO analyzes:

  • Current links the website has & links of its competitors
  • Websites rankings in Google for various keywords
  • How strong the websites online visibility is compared to its competitors
  • Online Citations (such as Yelp; these help overall local ranking when optimized correctly)
  • Reviews (such as from their Google My Business listing and Yelp listing)
  • Technical SEO attributes
  • On-page SEO attributes
  • Platform of website (such as WordPress among many others)
  • and...much more

linkbuilding-keyword-targetingKeyword Targeting for SEO & Link Building

AdeptAtSEO researches and analyzes a websites current rankings and some of their competitors to find optimal relevant keywords that their website should be ranking for.

AdeptAtSEO targets both high-volume and low-volume keywords as each is an opportunity to bring traffic. Regarding link building, AdeptAtSEO finds potential opportunities to improve online rankings based on getting those keywords linked to the website we're optimizing in natural ways. A "natural way" for linking would be suggesting to the website owner to link to a business as "Sacramento based Dentist, Acme 123 Dentistry" instead of the exact keyword found in our research, "Sacramento dentist;" as that could look bad in Google's eyes if it was seen linking to a business from many websites disproportionately compared to naturally. The reason it is bad in Google's eyes is it's considered a link scheme (more info here: Link Schemes explained by Google).

Example of Quality Link Building with anchor text used in a "Natural Way"

linkbuilding-prospect-outreachProspect Outreach for Link Building

Based off AdeptAtSEO's analysis of a website, we then search for websites to get links from that are relevant to the topics of the website. For example, if the website sells lawn products, we find websites that talk about gardening, outdoor style, home decor and other relevant topics to get links from.

Example of Prospect Outreach for Link Building

Here is an example link AdeptAtSEO acquired for Purchase Green regarding gardening which tied into successfully promoting their keyword "artificial grass" in Google (Their top keyword): Vegetable Garden Tips And Ideas For Using Artificial Grass.

AdeptAtSEO finds well-qualified websites based on a series of attributes such as but not limited to: content relevancy (a gardening website would be relevant content-wise to a online store that sold gardening equipment), location relevancy (if your website caters to people in specific locations, getting links from websites catering to the same location have a bigger impact), website authority, website age, estimated organic traffic and more.


SEO Content & SEO Content Guides for Link Building

AdeptAtSEO creates Search Engine Optimized content that helps websites rank quickly. This is done not only through effective keyword usage, but advanced SEO techniques such as Search Intent, Semantic Search, Structured Data (a.k.a Schema Markup) and much more.

As for link building, once we've determined the appropriate websites to get a link back to the business we're helping, AdeptAtSEO creates content as a guide for the website owner to publish which includes link backs to the business website we're helping.

The benefits of AdeptAtSEO link building content guides are:

  • It shows the type of content we'd offer as a "guest post" to them that they can publish directly (with their modifications if necessary)
  • It can help the website owner get an idea of how they should create their own content about the business AdeptAtSEO is helping so they can write and publish in their tone and style which caters to their audience.

Example of SEO Content & SEO Content Guides for Link Building

Here is an example link AdeptAtSEO acquired for Purchase Green using the strategy above which helped successfully promote their keyword "artificial grass" (their top keyword in Google: Vegetable Garden Tips And Ideas For Using Artificial Grass.

linkbuilding-outreach-executionLink Building Outreach Execution

AdeptAtSEO successfully performs outreach to the well-qualified websites we find. AdeptAtSEO performs outreach in various ways such as by phone, e-mail, and the website owner's online form.

Example of Link Building Outreach Execution

Here is an example link AdeptAtSEO acquired for Purchase Green regarding gardening which helped successfully promote their keyword "artificial grass" (their top keyword) in Google: Vegetable Garden Tips And Ideas For Using Artificial Grass.

linkbuilding-reportsReports & Measuring Performance

AdeptAtSEO provides reports of work done that utilize data from their Google Analytics to compare results year-over-year to see how much improvement is gained compared to the same time period in the previous year.

AdeptAtSEO also uses premium SEO tools to provide rank reports that provide estimates of rank positions for search terms we're tracking for Clients. AdeptAtSEO also provides information about a Clients Google My Business (GMB) information, so they can see how many phone calls and other information they've received from their GMB listing.

Example of Reports & Measuring Performance

Here is an example "Video Report" discussing Google My Business (GMB) successful results for a Pest Control Client: Pest Control Company Google My Business Proof of Results Video Report.

Benefits of AdeptAtSEO SEO & Online Marketing Process

Increased online visibility, customers & revenue.


Improved Search Rankings

AdeptAtSEO successfully increases traffic to business websites we work with improving their search engine rankings for relevant revenue producing keywords. AdeptAtSEO does this by helping their website get linked from relevant, reputable websites speaking about topics related to their business, search engine optimized content and much more.

Example of Improved Search Rankings

Here is an example "Video Report" displaying Improved Search Rankings for a Pest Control Client who wanted to expand in Houston Texas and a new location of Kingwood Texas (AdeptAtSEO ranked them top 5 spots Google First Page within months which brought increased revenue to the Client from that location): Pest Control Company Improved Search Rankings Proof of Results Video Report.


Continual Increase in Customers over Time

AdeptAtSEO not only helps Clients get great ranking in Google for their website, we also create search engine optimized content marketing with conversion optimization to entice customers to contact the business or buy directly from their e-commerce website.

Example of Continual Increase in Customers over Time

Here is an example "Video Report" displaying Continual Increase in Customers over Time for a Pest Control Client which continues to bring increased revenue to our Client even during the hard economic times we are in): Pest Control Company Continual Increase in Customers over Time Proof of Results Video Report.